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Established in 1997 by a group of electronic DJs and producers who also enjoyed gaming together, the Buddah Tribe has evolved into a professional gaming community and electronic dance music outlet with 800+ members and counting.

We are a very diverse group of mature gamers from all over the world, merging as one to play as a team. Casual and dedicated gamers alike. We accept anyone who is positive into our community! We play many different games and support our sponsors on and off the field.

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Latest Competitions

Cevo COD4 seasons
OGL DC 5v5 12v12 Champs
TWL Ladder Leaders
Cal-M BF2 8v8 seasons
Cal-O BF2 8v8 5v5 playoffs season 2
TGL COD4 5v5 playoffs
Cal-M CSS 5v5 playoffs seasons
GW2 5v5 TPvP Winners

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