When I first heard Epic Games’ new title Fortnite had a last man standing type of game mode, I was very excited to see Epic actually release it for free. I have not played the co-op tower defense mode however, I do plan on purchasing it just based off of gameplay video’s I have seen.

The PvP mode puts players on a giant map where team members can mark a position before jumping out of a bus held up by a hot air balloon. Just like PUBG, players must search for weapons/meds in chests, ammo crates, and from robbing other players. Along the way, players can also harvest wood and other materials needed for building on the way just like in Rust. There is a timed wall of energy that will force players to move to a certain area.

Once players are closer together, it gets very exciting. Some players enjoy camping from a safe distance, some will build walls around themselves, and others will simply run and gun to victory.

Though there are no weapon modifications, Epic tried to compensate by placing higher tier weapons randomly in the map. There are also supply drops which normally carry the better weapons/materials needed.

I have a lot of fun when I am playing in a group, especially with people who I know will have my back. Jumping in as solo or filling a group is not as fun for me personally. Solo is ok, it will definitely test your survival skills. Filling a random group, not so much. I seem to get tk’ed more than anything.

The TF2 reference I made was simply for the graphics. It feels like an arcade game more than anything. The layout is excellent, Epic did a very good job allowing players to use all abilities without much of a learning curve. You can run and gun or stop to heal behind a wall in a matter of seconds. Switching between abilities is very simple.

Epic Games seems to also be staying on top of things. Their developers are listening to the players and improving. Now, we just hope they keep it up and prevent micro-transactions from giving players’ advantages. Their latest patch will be a great improvement, some of the upgrades include:

  • A new in-game voice chat

  • Stats

  • Leaderboards

  • More servers for better ping

  • And last but not least…Anti-Cheat!

I am very happy to see Epic Games put an anti-cheat into this game, the aim bot and wall hacks are just ridiculous. Hopefully, they will make improving their anti-cheat system a top priority. We all know how bad players want to pretend to be good.

Overall, I enjoy this. It’s now free and I will gladly support the original game due to the fun I have in the battle royale. Thank you, Epic Games for giving back to fans who have supported you from the days of Unreal.

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